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March 21, 2012
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Sailor Scorpio by SailorTrekkie92 Sailor Scorpio by SailorTrekkie92
"My symbol stands for the darkness, it tells me my destiny is to protect and stand by my guardian planet, I will make my guardian planet proud, I will stand loyaly, defending it's name...forever!!!!!!, the logical Sailor Soldier of solitude and the Soldier of revolution and salvation.....Sailor Scorpio and I will vanquish you!"

About the Girl

About the Senshi
Sailor Name:Sailor Scorpio
Realm of Influence: Psychic, Shadow Elemental
Transformation: "Scorpio Cosmic Power!, Make Up!"
Colors:black, grey, purple

Special Abilties when transformed: can become transparent, teleport, super strength, super speed, ESP and psychic levitation

Transformation: The mark on her chest glows as so does her entire body covering itself in purple and black ribbons, she then spins gracefully as her ribbons change into her sailor uniform and then does a backflip as she then lands and poses with her aura Blades infront of the sign of Scorpio and behind it the planet vulcan.


Shadow Slash-Sailor Scorpio uses her aura Blades

Shadow Plasma
Using her blades, Scorpio calls down black and purple thunder and lightning on her foes

Black Rose Cyclone
Scorpio raises her arms above her head while rotating her wrists which begin to draw in energy, Once above her head, her hands begin to glow a bright purple, then releases her hands and spins around before stopping, drawing her hands together in front of herself and then thrusting her left hand out which releases a fast bright purple energy blast followed by a flurry of black rose petals.

Shadow Shield
Scorpio generates a black shield around her or anyone else

Dark Tsunami
Sailor Scorpio summons a giant black colored tidal wave and the black tidal wave crashes upon her foes

Scorpion's Tail Whip
Sailor Scorpio creates a glowing whip which look similar to a scorpion's tail, to either attack or restrain her foes

Shadow Inferno
Sailor Scorpio gathers black fire in her hands and throws in a flamethrower like way

Dark Gale
Sailor Scorpio summons powerful winds to blow away her targets

Dark Chill
Scorpio summons a black blizzard to freeze her foes

Dark Sniper
Scorpio creates a shadowy bow and arrow, She then shoots the dark arrow at the target.

Dark Impact
Sailor Scorpio fires a purple ball of energy from her hands.

Scorpion Sting Laser
Using her Scorpio Star Crystal, she fires one or several purple beams at her target

Scorpion Pincer
a psychic mind attack that knocks out the target

Dark meld
Another devastating mind attack that dazes target

Ponn Far Zap
Sailor Scorpio blows a kiss into her hand, in her palm a small blackish purple heart forms, she then thrusts toward the target, aiming for either their heart or weakspot and it affects the target(hence the name) in the same way Ponn Farr does to vulcans(without the whole affection thing) and it also confuses the foe as well.

Dark Taboo
Sailor Scorpio's forbidden attack, When she performs this attack, black wings appear on her and which a mass of ribbons materialize around her from nowhere, and tear through the target. And then scorpio spreads her wings and she creates a shadowy, electrifying wave that she sends at the targets, It's a very powerful attack, but it costs Sailor Scorpio her life if she uses it.
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Ooooooh, very nice!
And her and Jayme become the best of friends
Well the four senshi first encounter her when they are fighting a monster and she just gives them the cold shoulder at first
That's gotta be tough.
Sailor Scorpio:It would not be logical to join you

Sailor Leo:But your a senshi, just like us!
Typical Vulcan response...
Yep and when Sailor Leo decides to confront her

Sailor Leo:I don't just want to be your ally....I want to be your friend
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